An embedded touch panel enables the user to interact with the device intuitively, improving efficiency and accuracy. It also helps in maximising the available workspace. The absence of keyboard and mouse means that it is easier to work in tight spaces. In addition, it has rich input and output connectivity. All these features make it a smart option for any workspace. To learn more, read this article. It will help you make the right choice for your workplace.

Improved efficiency

Embedded touch screen PCs for Car Grooming Industry offer a number of benefits over standalone PCs, including ease of integration and deployment. These industrial computers are designed to meet specific needs in industrial environments, and are flexible enough to be customized to specific needs. These systems also offer scalable architecture and ease of management.

Touch-sensitive display systems are becoming more common in PCs. To support the growing use of these displays, the latest version of the eDP specification is being developed. The new eDP specification allows multitouch data to be transported using a framework compatible with the USB Human Interface Device specifications. This eliminates the need for a dedicated USB interface and saves power and electrical connections.

Touch screens have two main types: resistive and capacitive. Resistive touch screens are more common in industrial settings. They are less expensive and can respond to many objects. However, their downside is that they have a low light transmittance. This decreases the brightness of the TFT-LCD.

Clean, streamlined design

Embedded touch screen PCs from AIS are durable and reliable industrial computer solutions. They feature a wide range of industrial embedded computing technologies that simplify the development and operation of SCADA, M2M, and Internet of Things applications. Check out their brochure to learn more about their features and benefits.

The Syslogic C-Series is a 10.1-inch touchscreen PC that includes a rugged IP65 front. Its Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology supports multi-touch. And unlike other touchscreen PCs, it does not include breakable fans. Moreover, the C-Series uses Intel ApolloLake processors for a perfect balance between computing power efficiency. The C-Series is also suitable for control panels in traffic engineering and process monitoring.

Rich input and output connectivity

Embedded touch screen PCs combine the rich input and output connectivity of a traditional PC with the convenience of touchscreen technology. This technology enables users to control multiple applications with ease and reduces system size. Touch screen panels are generally made for applications where the user needs to use touch and gesture controls. These screens do not meet the strength and durability standards for industrial use.

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Industrial embedded touch screen PCs from Acnodes have an IP-rated casing with plastic front and rear bezels. The PCs feature a wide-angle touch-screen panel, ranging from 5.7-to-21.5 inches, a fanless design, and a Windows-based operating system. These computers also support wireless connectivity.