benefits of rugged monitor touch screen

Touchscreen devices have become an indispensable component of everyday business practices in service industries, restaurants, medical facilities and military bases alike. Their use requires rugged devices capable of withstanding harsh environments, weather conditions and harsh usage patterns.

Industrial LCD monitors feature over voltage protection to protect from power input spikes, while some models also come equipped with heater glass technology to keep their display functional even at extreme temperatures.


Rugged LCD monitors are engineered to outperform traditional commercial displays in terms of brightness and temperature range, making them suitable for industrial deployments. Furthermore, their LED backlight technology reduces heat produced by the display while prolonging its lifespan.

Optically bonding is another feature that makes rugged touchscreen monitors more durable and reliable, increasing screen resistance to damage while protecting it against liquid, dirt and dust intrusion. Furthermore, the resin layer that seals between screens increases touch accuracy and eliminates image blur caused by air gaps between LCD panels and glass displays.

Sunlight-Readable rugged monitors offer high brightness to help minimize glare in outdoor environments or adverse weather conditions, reaching up to 1000nits and making themselves visible in any ambient lighting condition. This increases visibility and situational awareness which leads to improved operational effectiveness and operational excellence.

Viewing Angle

One of the key features of any display monitor is its viewing angle. This refers to the maximum angle at which it can still be read easily; when viewing angles are limited, images may become too dark or difficult to read.

Monitors equipped with inverted polarising panels exhibit this characteristic; their contrast ratio peaks when seen straight on, but quickly reduces when viewed from any other direction, leading to inverted colors or darkness that renders text unreadable and switch buttons unusable.

Rugged industrial monitors come equipped with various options that make them suitable for a range of applications. From use in control cabinets and OEM machines to outdoor use, our rugged LCD monitors deliver far beyond ordinary commercial monitors in performance and visibility – particularly those equipped with Sunlight Readable displays for optimal visibility in direct sunlight or ambient lighting conditions.

Resistance to Wear and Tear

Rugged monitor touch screens are specifically engineered to withstand the strain and wear associated with harsh environments, including vibrations, shocks and freezing or hot temperatures that are harmful for consumer grade computers to operate in. This provides industrial workers with greater freedom in any climate while still ensuring durability, longevity and reliability of operation.

Modern rugged display devices feature innovative structural features to prevent ghost touches, making touch input accurate for industrial applications that rely on data collection. A D Metro monitors are also highly resistant to dust, oil and water – an attractive feature in many different industries.

A D Metro LCD monitors come equipped with LumiBond 2.0 technology, which optically bonds the touchscreen layer and LCD backlight layer together into one functional layer of glass – eliminating air gaps between them and creating brighter displays for improved visibility in outdoor and sunlight-lit conditions.

Water Resistance

Rugged touchscreen monitors are made with industrial materials to withstand harsh environments where consumer-grade devices might overheat or freeze. Furthermore, their greater resistance to dust and water makes them superior screens in these conditions; plus they’re built to take drops up to six feet high without experiencing damage or other physical abuse.

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Many businesses utilize industrial LCD monitors for various tasks. Workers can utilize them to interact with sensors, view ERP software and control machines – these units can either be panel mounted inside an enclosure or integrated onto machinery.

LumiBond 2.0 from Getac allows users to easily control handheld devices using fingers, gloves, or stylus regardless of weather or light conditions – be they rain, snow or high ambient lighting conditions. Furthermore, its durable display screen technology can withstand drops up to three feet as well as extreme operational temperatures – perfect for use with rugged mobile applications.