Jawest 21.5 inch IP65 ultra-light full-color IP65 touch screen monitor offers enhanced display performance compared to regular LCD monitors. It has a high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, and superb resolution. Its high resolution and wide color gamut helps to deliver crystal clear images. It comes with sleek, thin styling that fits well with any space.

touch screen monitor ip65

Jaws 5.5 inch rigid full-touch screen monitor offers enhanced viewing performance when compared to regular LCD monitors. It has a high contrast ratio, excellent resolution and wide color gamut, making it ideal for printing or digital signs. It is supported by universal voltage/antenna connections and has rugged full-coverage glass bezel with anti-glare and scratch resistant covering. Backed by sturdy industrial certifications (such as 3rd party environmental…Jaws Lcd monitor).

Avanti open frame monitor offers great viewing area, elegant design, and affordable price. Industrial LCD monitors offer better resolution and wider color gamut than regular LCD monitors. They also provide extended viewing distance, more natural light and better ergonomics than traditional monitors. Avanti OBB touch screen monitor offers robust connectivity features and a full range of handy applications including PDF reader, web browser, calculator and Microsoft Office. Open frame monitor works well with open frame design of Avanti home computers.

Anvantial OBB technology from Via is a fully-touch interface monitor from Via Technology that uses an innovative multi-touch software package that provides an unprecedented combination of excellent mobility and high quality image display. The system’s multi-touch software allows full-touch operation of the monitor by integrating a webcam to capture the images from any position and adjust them with a stylus. This monitor utilizes a high-speed infrared-based scanning technique to deliver crystal clear images in all viewing areas. In addition, this monitor is designed for easy access and high performance of any computer application, with a full-touch interface for easy operation of the monitor and the powerful software bundle

Via OBB touch screen monitor from Via DisplayPort is suitable for use in HMDs (heads-up displays) and LCDs (liquid crystal displays) such as projectors and flat panel TVs. With an accurate luminance and response time, this monitor delivers clearer images with increased clarity. The multi-touch operation and large display size make it an ideal solution for enhancing employee productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, the high-speed infrared scanning technique ensures optimal picture quality.

Via OBB monitor from Via DisplayPort is a cost-efficient solution for expanding your display reach. Unlike other IP cameras, the OBB has a full-range operation and offers a very natural display of up to 9.8 inches on each of its viewing zones. This monitor from Via provides a wide range of features, including touch screen functionality. It is able to measure ambient light, display barcode data and has a high response time. It is also easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

If you need full-touch support, the Via OBB monitor from Via DisplayPort offers an enhanced range of 4 zones with full 100-line display support. It also includes the innovative Smart Trace technology that detects and deletes non-responsive or slow connections. For safety and reliability, the monitor incorporates a front panel power plug with a safety Ground outlet and a built-in Safety Lock. It is also available with a full-motion video LED for night vision.

With these useful features, the Via OBB monitor from Via provides great value and enhances the operation of any business. It is available at an affordable price and with a wide range of features and applications. The monitor is easy to install and it meets all the international standards for indoor and outdoor use.