The Elo 24 Robinson LCD touchscreen sports an all new, slim, lightweight design and narrow, open frame because of the latest, energy-efficient, slim line-style, dual-sided thin-film transistor liquid crystal display panels. This long-anticipated upgrade to the world’s most popular personal digital assistant (PDA) has an eye-catching, high-contrast display that makes it a great choice for business users. The small, open frame gives it an extremely comfortable feel, while its slim design makes it easy to slip into a shirt pocket. The slim-yet-powerful, multi-touch interface lets you easily navigate menus, and responds quickly to touch.

open frame touchscreen

The Elo 24 incorporates a variety of cutting-edge touch technologies with the latest in self-service, automatic memory management, and user-friendly software. With over half a million downloads, over two hundred applications, and over one hundred premium display themes, the Elo offers powerful software solutions for all consumers, regardless of their needs. With the long-standing reputation of Elo as a leader in touch technologies, users can be confident in the technology used, the speed of response, and the vast content library. Elo’s slim, open frame makes it easy to access the onboard, preloaded applications. These convenient tools let you access the world’s most popular media players including HDTV, DVD, and CD players.

The slim, open frame touchscreen monitor is supported by a long-range non-slip grip. The ergonomically-designed, fully illuminated keys and fully responsive screen offer quick and accurate operation. The keys are positioned in such a way that you can feel them from every angle. In addition to being ergonomically perfect, the open frame touchscreen monitor is highly responsive and has a comprehensive function and media-player control layout.

The Trilogic series offers state-of-the art technology that includes high-performance dual antennas, completely flat panel design, and a wide, high-contrast display resolution with low persistence. The 15 1993l open frame touchscreen monitor is compatible with numerous operating systems, including Windows CE, Linux, Solaris, and others. Built-in networking capability and network scan features enable easy connectivity to multiple locations and networks. The integrated QWERTY keyboard provides an enhanced typing experience and includes space for five standard keyboard shortcuts. The 15 1993l pcap wireless modem simplifies configuration and troubleshooting to increase flexibility and facilitate greater productivity.

The Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor from Logitech is a cost-efficient and simple choice that comes complete with bundled software. One of the best features of this device is the Self-Service portal which is specifically designed to simplify common network tasks such as provisioning, domain awareness, and domain configuration. With its intuitive interface, this is a great choice for IT administrators looking to reduce their workload while adding a reliable touch screen monitor to their arsenal. It is also ideal for network technicians that need to perform a wide range of functions without plugging the device into a computer.

You can purchase the Logitech Touchscreen Monitor for a reasonable price and add value to your network by adding this product as a bundle along with a Windows XP Optimized Operating System CD. With its slim and compact form, it is also perfect for small offices and home offices that lack desk space. For those who are constantly on the move, the portable 15 inch widescreen open frame is easily transported with ease. You can also save money and time with this built-in security firewall that guards against hackers and other potential harm to your system.