ip65 touchscreen

The IP65 touchscreen monitor from iinet was designed for corporate and other high security applications to enable authorized people to control large groups of people. Ip65 Touchscreen Monitor connects via a USB port to a computer or tablet PC or laptop to provide two-way communication. You can use this product anywhere in the world as long as there is an available USB connection. For those people who want a multifunctional device that has a high-quality display, here is a look at the specifications of the iinet IP65.

The iinet IP65 is a cost-effective, full-featured industrial touch display. This is a USB 2.0 compliant device with a 10-inch widescreen display. It can be connected to a PC or laptop via a USB cable or a commercial grade universal serial bus connector. You can also use the built-in Ethernet port on the front of the product for a local area network (LAN) connection.

The sleek, high-performing iinet IP65 touchscreen monitor offers a full-color, clear display and high-resolution, 1800DPI. The display resolution is higher than what most commercial HDTV’s offer. It has an effective anti-glare feature, and a high optical resolution that produces quality images. The crisp, clear images are facilitated by its twenty-eight inch, high-definition, widescreen display. The high-quality display assures you that you get clear pictures and sound.

The iinet IP65 is connected to a desktop computer or tablet PC via a high-speed USB cable and is compatible with Microsoft Windows CE, Apple Mac OS X Leopard and Google Android operating systems. You can browse the Internet, chat with friends and send emails in high-definition clarity. The touch screen monitor features dual antennas that provide superior signal reception. In addition, you will find a built-in antenna jack and adapter for wireless headphones or microphones. The wireless router supports both wireless networks and allows you to connect to the internet without using a wired Ethernet cable.

The touch screen industrial lcd monitor has a full-color, clear, legible display. Its bright, wide-screen display is easy to read in direct light. The large, easily adjustable, landscape-orientation keyboard offers enhanced ease of use. It includes easy to find and use keys and a complete numeric keypad. Its large display, larger than that found in your typical desktop computer monitor, makes it easier to view images and graphics. The built-in, fully-articulated keys ensure that typing is easy and error-free.

If you are looking for a monitor that provides a viewing area that is large, bright, clear, crisp, and detailed, an IP 65 inch Industrial LCD Monitor is the right choice for you. You can view digital photos, videos, or large presentations without having to adjust your vision to view these items at their best. You can navigate from one page to the next while working on a project. You can view any image in its original quality without having to rely on a computer monitor’s image resolution. The result is that you can get the most out of your workspace.