benefits of using ip65 touch screen monitor

Use of an IP65 touch screen monitor can significantly lower production errors for enterprises and improve production efficiency, saving both money and protecting against environmental hazards. This will save money and ensure protection of the environment for their company.

Our devices boast modern, sleek designs with complete IP65 aluminum cases that offer capacitive 10-finger multitouch or resistive touch capabilities and feature either VESA 75 or 100 screw patterns on their back for secure fastening in any harsh environment.

Easy to clean

Industrial settings often necessitate touch screen monitors that can withstand high heat, large volumes of water and harsh chemicals, as well as being responsive enough to touch commands even with gloves on. Furthermore, these monitors must be easy to clean and durable – fortunately there are various solutions available that meet these criteria.

faytech North America provides IP65-rated touchscreens designed for use in harsh environments, including dustproof and waterproof enclosures with high-brightness screens and dust protection features. Furthermore, these touchscreens boast other useful features to enhance user experience and performance.

To clean an IP65 touch screen monitor, spray alcohol onto a cloth and dampen one side with it before wiping the monitor quickly with it. Finally, dry it using another dry cloth in order to eliminate any residual build-up; this method works on resistive as well capacitive touch screens.


An IP65 touch screen monitor is designed for industrial and harsh environments, offering protection from dust, water, airborne particles and chemicals. They feature capacitive or resistive 10-finger multitouch technology and come in various sizes and configurations with mounting options; customized connectors casing or peripherals may also be added for personalization.

Industrial displays must withstand harsh environments, including extreme heat, moisture and dust, so they must be more robust than commercial devices. Furthermore, they should also be able to operate while users wear gloves; and must respond to touch when worn by users wearing gloves.

Based on your industry, the IP rating you require may differ from IP65. An IP65 rating signifies that the display is only exposed to front side water jets or dust; making this ideal for outdoor kiosks or applications in wet environments.


IP65 touch screen monitors are ideal for use in harsh environments, as they’re built to withstand dust and water. With HD screens providing clear imagery and some models featuring AG coating that helps minimize glare reduction making reading in direct sunlight much simpler, these touch screen monitors make great additions.

Display monitors have a broad temperature range that makes them suitable for all weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor and industrial applications. Many monitors offer customization options like casing or peripheral accessories.

This panel mount monitor boasts a 42 inch 1920 x 1080 full HD 700-nit LED back light LCD display with VGA and two HDMI video input ports, speaker, -20 to 50 degree C wide range working temperature range and an anti-corrosion stainless steel housing, complete with IP65 certification to protect it against dust particles or water jets from any direction. Furthermore, an optional capacitive touchscreen makes this monitor highly readable in direct sunlight as it’s protected against dust particles or water jets from all directions.

Easy to install

Industrial IP65 touchscreen monitors can withstand harsh environments while offering seamless integration into a variety of computer applications. Highly reliable and great value for money, they’re great additions for commercial or industrial food production environments alike.

The IP65 rating is especially helpful in harsh environments, providing protection from solids and liquids alike. The first digit refers to how protected against dust particles; while the second number represents how well-protected against liquids it is. Touch screens with an IP65 rating can withstand water jets from all directions up to 6.3mm without being compromised or damaged by them.

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These IP65 touchscreen monitors are easy to set up and install; they can be wall-, desk- or panel mounted for convenient usage. Their USB-C cable makes installation effortless while eliminating additional interface cables from being necessary. Available in different sizes and features with anti-reflective or anti-glare coatings to enhance image quality.